In Memory of 
    Wolf Olson

 ​About Us​​

 Our History...

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         Freelance provides a myriad of diving skills. Divers
    perform pool leak detection with repair and pool plumbing
    pressurization checks. We specialized in pond leak
    detection and repair, regardless of the type of pond.
            Freelance commercial divers also encompass a vast
    experience of underwater skills which include working
​    in low visibility...whether it's underwater construction or
    hooking up a tow line in removing a sunken boat or car.

              Freelance is available 24 hours a day, 12 months a
    year and we offer GUARANTEES on our work, whether it be
    a pool repair or pond sealing.

​              We, at Freelance focus on the HAPPINESS of our
    customers and therefore have sustained great credibility
​    over the years throughout the community. ​

​          Freelance Commercial Diving Inc. has
  been in business and has been servicing
​  the tri-state area for over 20 years.

  ​       The company was started by the now 
  deceased Wolf Olson and his wife,
  Gerenee Whitsitt, and is regarded as one
  of the oldest of pool repair companies in
  the Cincinnati  area. 

          Freelance continues to pride itself in
  providing the highest standards in quality of service,
​  providing excellence in customer service and delivers this 
  service to the entire tri-state area.
​            The divers of Freelance come fully certified in scuba​
   diving and commercial diving, depending upon the
​   requirements of the dive job, as well as being fully insured 
   with the Bureau of Workers Compensation and carry full
   liability insurance.


​   ​           Owner

 ​Our Team... 

     Damien Oxier
Certified scuba diver
    Joseph Bartone
Certified scuba diver
     Rob Roloff and Dakota Lashley
        Certified commercial divers

     Divers for your pool, pond or commercial job
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