​Our Specialties


​ Pool Leak Detection
​ & Repair

​          Freelance Commercial Diving Inc. specializes in all types of pool
          leak detections and repairs, whether it be a vinyl lined pool,
          gunite,concrete or fiberglass with steel.

​         We utilized equipment that has been designed specifically for
         finding leaks in vinyl lined pools. We also have techniques for
         finding leaks in all types of pools.

         The glues that we use are very specific for the task. The patch glues
         ​actually melt the patch to the vinyl and therefore does not come
         off. We use specialized glues and epoxies for steps, lights caulking,

​         We, at Freelance give the customer a 7 day water loss GUARANTEE
         depending upon the integrity of the liner. This means if the pool is
         still ​leaking, we will return FREE of charge and dive your pool again.

         Residential pool repair prices are standardized and not based upon
         the size or type of pool.

​         We perform plumbing pressurization checks for detecting 
         plumbing leaks.

​         Hydrostatic valves. We can test them, clean them out, reset or 
         replace them.

        Pool lights inspected and resealed.

​         Concrete Pools- underwater patch repair and paint.

        Main drain VGB Covers- anti- entrapment drain safety covers 
        evaluated and installed underwater per code.

​         We can provide documented written pool inspections and
         evaluations for home sale.

​        Underwater photography for insurance claims

Photo of obvious seam separation
​ for insurance purpose.

​Pool ​inspection and evaluation​for home resale.

 ​Pool leak detection and repair​​.


P    Pond inspections with site survey.​​

​        Pond leak detection and sealing.

 Pond Leak Detection​​
​  & Repair

Working in low visibility, high current or unsanitary conditions​


    Commercial Diving ​​
​     Services

 ​    Underwater Search and Recovery  ​​

      Dredging- including underwater 
      biological sampling.

     Tow line rescue-hook up for boats, cars
     and trucks recovery.

​     Underwater Maintenance and Repair-
​     including cutting, welding and ships
​     husbandry.

​     Pier Pylon Installation- working in low
     visibility and high current.

​     Underwater rigging and heavy lifting.

​     Contaminated Water Diving.

​​​Submerged boat rescue.

​Rescuing a submerged truck.

​     When you need a diver,
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​ Silt level inspection.